General Questions

Can “Bulldog Connect” remote start the generator.

-We have the capability, but decided we wanted a “read only” device. For security we did not want any opening for hakers to starting engines. Job service safety, we did not want the engine starting as a technician is working with his hands in the engine bay.

-On the industrial level we will allow full controller access to certified technician.

Can “Bulldog Connect” clear codes

– No, It is highly recommended your service technician do an inspection onsite, before clearing codes

-Industrial with a high level (2) of access will allow you to clear codes

Can “Bulldog Connect” measure fuel level?

-Yes, but only with a controller that has alarms set for “low fuel level”.

-Our Industrial Module can show fuel percentage.

Can “Bulldog Connect” work on old generators.

Yes, any Genset before 2008 may not have a “common fault” hookup, but our “Fail to exercise alarm” ,”Load Side off alarm” and “Generator stopped alarm” can compensate.